North America's Leading Manufacturer of steel and phenolic brake caliper pistons, brackets, calipers, and castings.

Products / Heavy Duty Remanufacturing

ATL Industries currently remanufactures Air Disc Brake Calipers for the following applications:

Knorr Bremse SBISN6, SBlSKl SN7 Meritor EX195, EX225,ELSAI, ELSA2 Others are available upon request.

Our process involves the complete disassembly and blast cleaning of each unit. All components are checked against OEM samples for fit, form and function.

Each caliper receives a suggested inventory of new components as per our must use parts list. Additional new items may be used as required. The cast parts are painted black and date stamped.

All units are bench tested for mechanical function and banded to prevent movement duringb shipping.

Cores are subject to penalty for non usable caliper housing, carrier or bridge. Broken housing bolts are subject to a surcharge.

We strive to offer an environmentally sound alternatative to new calipers, which perform as they were intended by the OEM manufacturer.

Gary Potter