North America's Leading Manufacturer of steel and phenolic brake caliper pistons, brackets, calipers, and castings.

Company Profile

Established in 1983, ATL Industries quickly ascended towards a path of success, setting itself apart from competitors by providing high quality products and custom builds. Today, it is a leading North American manufacturer of pistons, brake calipers, castings, and brackets, with a customer base extending to South America and Europe.

The founder of ATL Industries started the company with a vision of being able to rebuild calipers instead of purchasing new ones. The manufacturing process started off with only 6 part numbers. Today, it has expanded to handling and manufacturing thousands of part numbers, giving ATL Industries its place at the forefront of the North American and global markets.

We take pride in our talented engineers and technicians as well as our state-of-the-art machinery that together are capable of creating products that meet and exceed OEM standards and customer expectations. Our view towards continuous growth and development helps us implement innovative approaches and expand our production capabilities.

Mission Statement

ATL Industries is committed to offering the most extensive variety of part numbers and the highest quality of each and every product to ensure that every brake system we contribute to is foolproof and durable. As part of our mission to meet the requirements of all our clients, we provide custom builds and tailor orders to any applications and specifications.