North America's Leading Manufacturer of steel and phenolic brake caliper pistons, brackets, calipers, and castings.

Custom builds

ATL Industries is open towards expansion and advancement of its manufacturing capabilities. We are flexible in terms of our production and can tailor any order to match the customer's needs.

Having serviced the automotive and industrial sectors for over 30 years, we understand that every customer is unique and may have requirements that cannot be answered by pre-designed parts. Our team of talented engineers will take all your specifications into consideration and will design and readjust any component to answer your needs to the fullest.

Private label

Our private label service allows you to sell our products under your own brand name. We will package the components and print your part numbers and barcodes (including BlackBerry barcodes), as per your specifications. We can supply packaging materials or you can provide your own.

ATL Industries is committed to providing our customers with finished packaged products so they do not have to worry about packaging and labeling. This ensures a simple, cost-effective way to sell top quality brakes and brake components without additional operating costs.

Kanban and JIT services

ATL Industries stays on top of things by offering just-in-time production and delivery. Our machining capabilities and organized operations are similar to the Kanban system in that they ensure quick turnaround time, efficient use of space and materials, and just-in-time delivery. With ATL Industries, you won't have to wait for back orders or worry about keeping track of your parts because everything will be delivered to you right when you need it.