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Products / Pistons

A piston is probably the most important part of the braking system. It is the part that forces the brake pads to close on the discs and bring the vehicle to a halt. Pistons move when hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal is applied.

ATL Industries provides 100% updated makes and models of pistons, with a wide variety of part numbers to suit any brake system. Every piston we sell is made in accordance with strict manufacturing standards using high precision equipment and leading edge processes. The products undergo rigorous examination to ensure we deliver only the best pistons your brake system could have.


These light-weight and low-cost pistons are becoming popular on the market today. They are made to suit all kinds of automotive brake systems and provide a lighter and more cost-effective solution for passenger vehicles.


Steel pistons are perfect for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and passenger vehicles because of the increased durability and ability to withstand high compression pressures and operating temperatures. For trucks, transit buses and other large vehicles, a steel piston will prove to be a reliable and durable component.


Phenolic pistons are mold pressed, heated, and molded into shape. They are commonly a more cost-efficient alternative to aluminum and steel and used in various OE applications.

Off Road

Our recent development, off-road pistons provide superior performance for mining equipment, forklifts, agricultural and industrial off-road systems. Being one of our specialties, new off-road piston models are being constantly developed. Check our website regularly to take advantage of the new releases.